Sonehri Energy established since 2020, which is a Sister Concern Company of “SONEHRI GROUP”. We are providing solar solutions to our customers throughout Pakistan. The company has executed several projects of solar energy with NGO’s as well as the private sector. The project undertaken by us is handled with the utmost care and executed by highly skilled manpower coupled with the guidance of experienced engineers and skilled technicians. We provide solar water pumping systems, On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Hybrid Solutions to our clients in the Agriculture, Residential and commercial sectors as per the requirements of our clients. These clients may fall in any of the following categories.

  • Agricultural setups (Providing Solar water pumps)
  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Buildings
  • Petrol Pumps

Our goal is simply to be the best and to continually improve. This is accomplished through focused teamwork, pride in our work, quality controlled systems, and by hiring and educating the best people we can possibly find. Our team members are quality focused.

“Sonehri Energy” is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, leadership, and performance to our clients by way of our continuous development and commitments in the areas of culture, integrity, craft training, and safety with our merit shop team member employees.

We are working with various national and international partners, the organization is committed to providing customized, resource-efficient solutions to all its clients, for a better and brighter Pakistan.

We understand that we are the face of the company; so all our sales teams go through comprehensive training in both customer services and sales techniques. Our sales force guarantees a quality service that leaves a lasting impression. Our main focus is to build a professional relationship with our client that leads to customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals.